Homemade By Me

I have a passion for home made items and I like to think I can turn my hand at most things. I think because I make my own things I appreciate how much hard work and effort goes into each item that others make and also realise the cost of good quality materials and not forgetting the time people put into their items.

Here I would like to share a few of the bits I have made and I would appreciate any feedback positive or negitive, even suggestions on how to improve my techniques.

Thanks xxxx

Here is a door sign that me and my niece made together, it is papier mâché painted with poster paints with a layer of PVA and things stuck on




I also love scrapbooking, so far I have about 12 pages all dedicated to my niece and nephew and in July I should have another nephew to add to my pages, I refer to them as my monkeys!


Heres the pink tulle ‘no stitch’ tutu I made for my niece


My cat kept sleeping in silly places so on a week off work I made him a new cat bed, started out as a cardboard box.


I got a Nintendo 3DS for christmas and decided to make a case for it, I then went on to make 2 phone cases using the same technique



I have always been quite good at hair aswell, and everytime I see a new style I always give it a go, heres a couple I did a few weeks ago



Thank you for taking you time to read what I have to say and look at my pictures. It is much appreciated xxx


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