Greenpixey Amigurumis

Greenpixey Amigurumis make gorgeous crotchet creatures out of good quality brightly coloured yarn. The 1st item I bought was my black love is Flumplebee with a stitched red heart on his tummy. It was their ears that I fell in love with. They look so cute and unusual that I just couldnt resist but to adopt one.


As soon as my flumplebee arrived I wanted another one, he was even cuter in real life and they have a pipe cleaner in their neck so you can position them how you like. The look on their faces is just priceless and everyone that has seen mine has commented on it. For my next Flumplebee I went for the opposite so I got a red love is Flumplebee with a matching heart in black.


Flumplebees come in many colours and each is so unique


Greenpixey dont only do creatures either, they make scarfs, hats, coin purses that hold one pound coin for the shopping trolley and lovely little lipbalm holders. I again couldnt resist and bought a red one and it looks so cute hanging from my bag, plus I dont have to rumage through my bag for my lipbalm as its right there!


I recommend Greenpixey if you like good quality hand made products and they make great gifts all year round. If you would like a Greenpixey item you can contact them on facebook or…

Shop –
Email –

Thank you xxxx



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