Kitty Pink Stars

Well where do I start?! I stumbled across Kitty on facebook some how, from day 1 I loved her art work and creations, not only that but she is one of the nicest people I have ever spoken to and I hope that one day I have the honour of meeting her in person.


The 1st item I bought was the february Happy Pack which consisted of a pack of hand drawn stickers and a little puff which was a rabbit puff to celebrate the start of spring and get rid of those january blues 🙂


From the moment I received my happy pack I was hooked! Her nature and creations are so happy and positive and even the envelopes cheer you up as you see them amongst your post.


My next purchase was a Kitty hand drawn doodle, I was quite fussy and demanding about what I wanted in the doodle and kitty hit the nail on the head. All I had to do was email Kitty a few pictures and it was sorted. I couldnt of been happier with the end result.


In March I was in hospital with meningitis and Kitty out of her own good will sent me a package with a lovely hand drawn card and some stickers. As a professional artist she didnt need to do it but she did and I am forever thankfull to her because it cheered me up no end!


To return the favour I made her beloved hamster Walter a swanky sign for his cage 🙂 loved seeing this picture of him with it


So if you are in need of some positivity and a pick me up Kittys facebook page and shop is the place to be

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Shop –
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Thanks xxx



4 thoughts on “Kitty Pink Stars

  1. Such a lovely blog !! Kitty is AWESOME!!! I have quite a collection of Kittys Puffs and she has got me started now on a Wookie Collection too!!! She has also drawn the most amazing tribute doodles for me of my beloved pets who have sadly gone to the rainbow bridge and when I lost one of my Hamsters , Marley, she even made me my very own Marley Puff!! I cant praise her enough and I hope like you I am lucky enough to meet her in person one day too!! (and Noah and Walter of course) xx :0)

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