Homemade By Me

Homemade By Me.


Sports Day


Today was my nieces sports day, lasts years got cancelled so I am so happy we had the good weather. 1st event was running and she didnt do 2 bad, 2nd event was skipping….. Shes not the best skipper but the 3rd event was the hurdles! She got 1st place and I had such a proud auntie moment!


She was so happy with her self and with the way me and my family where rooting her on you would of thought it was the Olympics.


She tried her very best in all the events


Her and her best friend Ethan


Zak was really paying attention……


Untill the toddler race! Me and Zak stood at the starter line and when the whistle was blown he was off……… WE WON!!


Such a lovely day xxx

Greenpixey Amigurumis

Greenpixey Amigurumis make gorgeous crotchet creatures out of good quality brightly coloured yarn. The 1st item I bought was my black love is Flumplebee with a stitched red heart on his tummy. It was their ears that I fell in love with. They look so cute and unusual that I just couldnt resist but to adopt one.


As soon as my flumplebee arrived I wanted another one, he was even cuter in real life and they have a pipe cleaner in their neck so you can position them how you like. The look on their faces is just priceless and everyone that has seen mine has commented on it. For my next Flumplebee I went for the opposite so I got a red love is Flumplebee with a matching heart in black.


Flumplebees come in many colours and each is so unique


Greenpixey dont only do creatures either, they make scarfs, hats, coin purses that hold one pound coin for the shopping trolley and lovely little lipbalm holders. I again couldnt resist and bought a red one and it looks so cute hanging from my bag, plus I dont have to rumage through my bag for my lipbalm as its right there!


I recommend Greenpixey if you like good quality hand made products and they make great gifts all year round. If you would like a Greenpixey item you can contact them on facebook or…

Shop – http://www.folksy.com/shops/greenpixey
Email – greenpixey@talktalk.net

Thank you xxxx


Dora Crafts

This post is all about my gorgeous zombie May 🙂


Dora Crafts create gorgeous quirky brain munching zombies out of colourfull bright materials. I saw Mays sister Lilly but someone bought her and then came May! I love her. Shes beautifully hand made in a lovely blue flowery material with big button eyes and a pink tutu.


The detail on the zombies is amazing and each one is unique and has its own story


Since May came to live with me she has been having lots of fun. Snuggles with Lola and feeding the fishes however I think she is lonely……. Oh Dora Craftssss



I am not sure if Dora crafts have a blog or a shop as I bought direct from facebook

I hope you love May as much as I do and if you would like to adopt a zombie then go and see whos available, you wont regret it!!

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dora-Crafts/113393508691425?ref=ts

Kitty Pink Stars

Well where do I start?! I stumbled across Kitty on facebook some how, from day 1 I loved her art work and creations, not only that but she is one of the nicest people I have ever spoken to and I hope that one day I have the honour of meeting her in person.


The 1st item I bought was the february Happy Pack which consisted of a pack of hand drawn stickers and a little puff which was a rabbit puff to celebrate the start of spring and get rid of those january blues 🙂


From the moment I received my happy pack I was hooked! Her nature and creations are so happy and positive and even the envelopes cheer you up as you see them amongst your post.


My next purchase was a Kitty hand drawn doodle, I was quite fussy and demanding about what I wanted in the doodle and kitty hit the nail on the head. All I had to do was email Kitty a few pictures and it was sorted. I couldnt of been happier with the end result.


In March I was in hospital with meningitis and Kitty out of her own good will sent me a package with a lovely hand drawn card and some stickers. As a professional artist she didnt need to do it but she did and I am forever thankfull to her because it cheered me up no end!


To return the favour I made her beloved hamster Walter a swanky sign for his cage 🙂 loved seeing this picture of him with it


So if you are in need of some positivity and a pick me up Kittys facebook page and shop is the place to be

Blog – http://kittypinkstars-kitty-kittypinkstars.blogspot.co.uk/
Shop – http://www.kittypinkstars.etsy.com
Email – kittypinkstars@btinternet.com

Thanks xxx


Taylored Curiosities

I found Taylored Curiosities through a lady I know called Kitty (I will 100% be writting about her!) and as soon as I saw her items I fell in love. I just love well made home made items, they are so much more special then commercially made shop bought ‘things’.


I kept my eye on the facebook page for a few weeks untill I saw 'freshly caught fruity feelings' I immediately fell in love! A little red blob in a jar whats not to love!


When my feeling arrived I was so made up with it, wonderfully packaged and smelt amazing as the feelings have strawberry aromatherapy in their stuffing! They are all limited edition and numbered from 1-30 included in those are 5 rare white ones. I would recommend if you are into your quirky and cute items.


My little feeling is called Pip. Hes so cute 🙂

Taylored Curiosities are available on facebook
Blog – http://www.tayloredcuriosities.blogspot.co.uk
Shop – http://www.tayloredcuriosities.bigcartel.com
Email – taylodcuriosities@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks xxxx


Hello world!

Hi 🙂

I have started this blog to talk about the things I buy, services I use or even medication I am on.

I hope you all enjoy and please ignore my spelling, I do try but sometimes it doesnt quite go right 🙂

I buy lots of things off twitter and facebook so I will be giving my honest opinions on them.

Thank you and enjoy

Have fun